25 de febrero de 2013

LCL week 2: "The marshmallow challenge" - El reto de la nube - semana 2 del curso LCL

This week has been so busy I haven't had the time yet to see the lesson nor to do anything about the course, but today I have been spending Sunday with good friends and decided to try the marshmallow challenge. For those who aren't doing LCL course, it consist on building an estable structure as high as you can with 20 spagethi, 30 cm of cord, 30 cm of tape in 18 minutes. At the top you have to put a marshmallow... it seems easy, but above all it is fun to try as while trying you learn about team work, structures, phisics.. and above all, you laugh a lot if doing it with friends.

We made two attempts... just without thinking, no time to prepare anything. After 18 minutes and many fun moments as when Nacho decided we needed a helping tool while finishing the structure, this was the result:
First attempt
Yes, it was estable.. for a second! :) But was sooo fun! The picture reflects just the moment of the happiness of a good job done!
Still, as it wasn't really estable, we decided to try again. This time, there was a debate, an assigment of work to each person, and two different options to try just in case. 8 minutes later, the result: 77 cm high and very estable
Our second tower
Will try it for sure at least another time with more people! And will tell you the result! :)
Here, the proud makers and a view from the top :)

Para los que no habláis inglés, y por si queréis probarlo, aquí la explicación del "reto de la nube" una actividad para esta semana del curso que estoy haciendo on line...
Necesitais 20 espaguetis, 30 cm de cuerda, 30 cms de cello y una nube. El reto es construir la torre más alta que podáis en 18 minutos, con la nube en lo más alto y que sea estable.
¡Animaos! Es super divertido y además, da para aprender mucho.. pero mucho... sobre organización, estructuras, física y sobre todo, ¡¡imaginación!!

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  1. ¡Ja, ja, ja!... ¡como te diviertes y que bien te lo pasas!. Da gusto leerte y verte.

  2. Nice post Carmen. Would be nice to share with lcl-762 community.


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